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Original oil painting 'Little Corner of the Reef' by Jasmin Heard.


This piece embodies my love for coral reefs; their colourful vibrancy and the beautiful individuals that make up the bustling, busy ecosystem.


The painting can be viewed in three diffierent ways - daylight, under UV blacklights, or in the dark (as shown in images above). I have used glow in the dark paints made by myself using specalist pigments to make my painting glow. While this is a beautiful effect, glowing corals are not a good sign for the reefs - only doing this when under high stress as a reaction to environment changes such as climate change effects.


I handmade the frame myself from scratch to my own design so that I could build in UV blacklights. This way the painting can be 'charged' for a bright glow at night that lasts up to 2 hours before fading. A short black lead with a USB connection comes out of the bottom right of the frame so that these lights can be plugged in. (Please contact me if you need a longer lead as I have a few USB extention leads that I will happily include!) 


It also holds a special place in my heart as I painted this piece whilst I was at my most ill suffering from anxiety, using it as a safe place to be immersed in. 


Painted and made with love :) 


[Little Corner of the Reef, 2021, Oil paint & glow in the dark pigments on box canvas, oak frame, UV blacklights. Dimensions: 49.5cm x 59cm x 8.5cm] 

Comes with a certficate of authenticity. 

Little Corner of the Reef - Original

  • If there are any problems with the original piece once it has been recieved, I will happily fix anything free of charge, and if it is returned to me safely I will refund it if it is no longer wanted within 6 weeks of purchase. 

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