Jasmin Heard Artist

Coral Reef inspired oil paintings and ceramics.

Originals are for sale. Please contact if interested or visit my shop.


For the past four years, coral reefs have been my obsession. Their enormous variety of textures, colours, shapes and behaviours have sparked a creative interest within my artwork, and I haven’t been able to make work about anything else. Ive recreated and captured corals in photography, film, paint, ceramics, pen, charcoal, bleach and even print. Perhaps it is the other-worldly appearance they possess, or the way they are colonies of tiny polyps making up one large living structure. Nevertheless, my recent work depicts coral scenes in oils - colourful by day and glowing at night. My work covers not just the beauty of nature but the devastating loss of it too. Coral bleaching is a huge issue we face in the 21st century, alongside plastic pollution, overfishing, and many more manmade environmental threats. Reminding people of these beautiful creatures we share our planet with is what inspires me to paint them in oils. It serves to make them permanent in some way. It would be tragic to live without them.