Consequences [Before and After] (2020) unfired clay, various media. 1.2m x 1.5m (roughly)

Consequences is a direct extension of the project Bleached, which explores loss, permanence, beauty, changes through time, and human relationship with the environment in relation to coral bleaching. Clay is used to build an artwork based upon corals that is considered beautiful, and then introduced to a destructive 'happening' that causes the work to be undone. Consequences uses this same technique, but instead of introducing the unfired clay to water, I have made a series of floor tiles that an audience can walk over/interact with; over time the tiles will break. This is a reflection upon our relationship with the natural world - we walk over it, leaving destruction in our path. 

This project is my final University project, meant to be displayed at the degree show at the end of the year. Because of COVID-19, Universities have shut and this project has therefore been produced at home, with limited access to any materials, workshop equipment and space. For that reason, the work here shows proposals of what I would have made had I had the opportunity to do so, by using only 6 bags of clay, and any materials I could find around the house! I would have liked the final outcome to span the entire floor space of a room in the degree show, and I have made a model of my idea. 

A lack of audience at home during lockdown resulted in an online experiment where I asked the public through my social media to give me suggestions on how to interact with the floor tiles - I filmed myself carry out each action individually and sent them back to the person who suggested it. This meant that an audience did manage to interact with my floor, just in an adapted way.

One day, I would like to finish this project the way I would have for the end of my degree.


"Crawl across the tiles and sit down in different places, observing the surrounding patterns" , 2020. Video. 59s.

"Tread only on the flat areas"  , 2020. Video. 1m05s.

"Lie down and feel the patterns in your back" , 2020. Video. 1m.

"Trace the lines with my fingers and walk very carefully across them" , 2020. Video. 52s.