Peninsular Artists kindly invited me to be a part of the 'Turning the Tide' exhibition, that was being organised by them and other professional artist groups in the Hampshire area. 

This exhibition dealt with the heavy topic of plastic pollution. The brief that was given for the exhibition was very broad, although as a guest of the peninsular artist collaborative, I had to stick to their theme, which was to produce anything about plastic pollution on a 15cm x 15cm square box canvas. I decided that instead of a standard painting, I wanted to make something that was a bit more 3D and had physical links to plastic. 


I used my technique of heat-pressing plastic 

bottles, and spray painted them white so that they blended into the canvas surface. Then I painted an octopus tentacle onto the bottle to comment on the effects that plastic pollution has on the inhabitants of the ocean. 

Overall, the exhibition was a success. The venue was stunning, the Explosions Museum being part of an old WW2 bunker near to the Portsmouth Harbour. It was a privilege to display my work alongside other professional artists who had similar interests in making environmental art as I did. This exhibition also got the community involved, showcasing work made by schools and art classes as well.