Based on the theme of time, the collaborative has produce a body of work, from existing and new artworks, that draw on different aspects of time with the outlook to reflect on these moments. These moments are represented by the artworks that act as a trace of something either left behind, or foreshadowing future moments based on what has already been. Using a range of media from painting to installation, together we utilised the space in the Walcot Chapel to create what could be seen as an in-between zone in the changing of times. A pause in time, that intends to acknowledge itself. The work also acknowledges the Walcot Chapel building itself in its relation to the combining of times. People from all ages and times have come 

to the Chapel and the of passing of time is therefore significant here. There is a link between the deceased and the living here and time in this way is paused. Here we reflect on what has been before and hope for what will come in the future. To mark the building of the Walcot Chapel, we only run the exhibition each day of showing until 18:42 (6:42pm), the date 1842 being the date it was completed.  This reflection on the building itself acts as an acknowledgment of the years passed and of the time the Chapel has given to the people of Bath.

Artists: Antonia Caicedo, Poppy Briggs, Petra Silva, Jasmin Heard, Lauren Cattle, Rachel Davy, Tom Seager.


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