Over the Xmas and New Year holidays of 2019-2020, the Artists Inspired by Nature Collective (introducing 2 new temporary members) applied for an empty shop up at Locks Heath Shopping Village to set up a pop-up art shop and exhibition. 

Through an arts charity (New River Retail) that is looking to help artists fill empty spaces in shopping centres, we made a proposal and won the rights to an empty shop for 6 weeks. Together, we stripped down, cleaned, re-painted and installed our work in the space. This was a fantastic experience that allowed us to display work in a very public space. The shop got a lot of interest during the set up week, and consequently when we opened we were instantly busy! 

Because of the large space and only 5 artists, I got to take a large amount of space and therefore display a good amount of both new and older works. I displayed: my Wildlife Photography original prints, Rust prints, 10/100 Ceramic Corals, Various Coral works including both 10m rolls, charcoal drawings, photo etchings and pen drawings, as well as made 'Fountain of Change' from start to finish during the exhibition. 

The other artists who featured include:

- Nicky Heard

- Carol Parsons 

- Marguerite Payne

- Annie Heard


Fountain of Change

2020. Unfired Clay, Steel pipe, Steel base, Hose Pipe, Wooden Plinth, Water.

Fountain of Change is a site-specific work produced and performed at the Pop-Up Shop and Exhibition in Locks Heath Shopping Village. It is a part of my 'Bleached' project for University, which explores human relationship with the environment - specifically coral bleaching - through the process of hand building beautiful sculptures and then converting them back to their raw clay material through introduction to water. All parts of this work - building the clay sculpture, and turning it into a waterfall was done live in front of the audience of visitors to our shop. The reactions from the visitors when they learned more about this sculpture was mixed, from distancing themselves from the work to getting emotional about the fate of the artwork. 

Visit my 'Bleached' portfolio to see images, video recordings and more detail about the project and it's other works: