This year, I was lucky enough to have my photography entered into an exhibition at Bristol Aquarium about plastic pollution in our oceans. Alongside me were other artists, photographers, graphic designs. writers and scientists who all came along for the two day event to give talks and workshops to the public.


8 million tonnes of plastic enter the sea each year. It is vital that people are aware of the extent of the problem and what they can do to help make a change. Art and science worked well together in order to get across the message and help educate on how it is affecting the marine life and environment.

My submission:

Solid Plastic, (2018) Sculpture and Photography.

If plastic bottles were looked at as a solid, indestructible material, would we change the way we look at them? Would we be so willing to throw them away? 

It was an amazing experience to have my work displayed alongside other artists and photographers in such a well known aquarium. My image was printed A1, and displayed alongside the collection of my 'Solid Plastic' sculptures. I got a brilliant response from my work and was overwhelmed by the effect that my work had on the public.

Other Artists who displayed their work:

  1. Jo Atherton

  2. Rachel Falber

  3. Sandra Chin

  4. Clare Day

  5. Kathryn Symonds

  6. Fiona Campbell

  7. Madeleine Pilkington

  8. Freya Hill 

  9. Imogen Rhodes-Davies

  10. Kathyrn Champion

  11. Dave Bone

  12. Hannah Ball