For the final assessment of my UAL Level 4 Art Foundation Diploma, my year group put on an exhibition presenting our final outcome(s) from the course. This exhibition was collectively organised, curated and showed the work of everyone on the course, and, for most of us, was the first real experience with exhibiting and curating works in a proper gallery space. 

It was such a fantastic experience that I will never forget; its not often that you get the opportunity to put on an exhibition with close friends and essentially an art family. Being so close to the people on my course helped a lot in the preparation of the exhibition, as we all got along so well. We were able to work with a seriousness and mutual goal for professionalism, but also was

able to have a great laugh whilst doing it. Together alongside the curation, we made a catalogue, posters and advertising for the show.

The work that I showed was 'Plastic Pollution in the Ocean, 2017', which was the outcome of my final project, alongside a book I had written about the effects of plastic pollution and the work I had produced in response. This work was very popular and I had some fantastic feedback from the show.

The private view was a huge success, and alongside family and friends came the mayor of the town and a crowd of the general public. I learnt a huge amount from this show, more than any other before-hand and I feel that it set me up well for future exhibitions.