Green Space exhibition was organised by a group of Bath Spa University business students, who put out a call for environmental artists to raise money for the Environmental Defence Fund (EDF). It was a one night only event, which required setting up during the day, an evening show, and a take down afterwards. This was the first time I had been involved in such a quick exhibition and I was surprised at its success in only one day! The turnout was fantastic in the evening, with a good atmosphere. 

It was the business students first ever exhibition so it required the artists to work together in helping set up, although all the organising for the event was done by the business students. 

I displayed: 8/100 Ceramic Corals, 3 Photo-etching Prints, and my collection of charcoal, pen drawings alongside my Gone series (photography). I wanted my environmental messages to be directed towards coral bleaching, as that has been the dominant theme in my work for the last few projects I have done. 

It was a great opportunity to network amongst other environmental artists, and I met some fantastic people who have similar interests environmentally and artistically.