These works combine my love for photography and the darkroom with an exploration of the material qualities of plastic. This material is used daily by society and has amazing properties - it is translucent yet durable and bendable yet strong. However it also can be incredibly dangerous, poisonous if ingested, taking hundreds of years to break down and therefore being the second major pollutant of our oceans (after cigarette butts) and choking marine life. The single use, throw away culture of plastic is dangerous on our environment, and as an effect, ourselves. 

Plastic bottles are one of the bigger contributors to plastic pollution, alongside fishing nets (also known as ghost nets) and plastic bags. They are a part of daily life and yet are overlooked as one of the biggest killers of marine life in the oceans. It is an interesting compromise of usefulness, fantastic design and hygiene, against polluting the environment. How can something we use every day without a second thought be so dangerous and overlooked as a threat to the future? 1 million plastic bottles are produced every minute, which is both alarming and scary.