2019 - 2020


Bleaching II, 2019. Clay, Water, Glass Jar

Bleached is a project that explores ideas of permanence, loss and transformation in coral reefs through the disappearance of the artworks. Multiple final pieces were made in this project, all of which use clay and water to represent the organic wasting away of the coral bleaching process. In each work, a laborious and time consuming clay sculpture is made - representing different coral species affected; each is introduced to water and documented as it becomes unrecognisable and is eventually transformed back into the raw clay material. These works are being built and unbuilt - a visual and conceptual representation of the struggle that corals are currently suffering. 

All of these works have video documentation. Bleaching IV and Fountain of Change were performed live in front of an audience of people, the first in a university group critique and the second in a pop up art shop and exhibition at the Locks Heath Shopping Centre. The emotional reactions that were received from both performances were varied but all showed sadness to a degree.


Bleaching II, 2019. Video. 4m53s.

Bleaching III, 2019. Video. 6m37s.

Fountain of Change, 2020. Video. 5m42s.